Gather KC

GatherKC has the vision of cultivating connections among young Jewish adults in Kansas City.


Gather KC is both volunteer driven and self-funded, receiving no grants or outside funding. In an effort to represent the entire community, our committee is made of people associated with many community organizations. Our committee and volunteers donate their time and treasure to make Gather KC available to all.

Brachie Perl

Brachie is a KC native who spent a number of years living in New York. As well as being a mom of four she is the Event Coordinator at TLC and Director of Camp Gan Israel. Her creative flair and design brings elegance and glamour to every Gather KC event.

Yosef Silver

Yosef is originally from the UK, lived in Israel and now calls KC home. He has three children and an entrepreneurial spirit, owning multiple businesses including a Digital Marketing Agency. His drive to bring community together gave rise to the launch of Gather KC.

Hadas Moshonov-Cohavi, PhD

Born in Israel, Hadas is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at a local university. She is passionate about inspiring people to live in harmony with others and creation. She lives in KC with her husband and son.

Jaret Gordon

Jaret is a Chicago native who moved to KC in 2010. He serves on the boards of Gather KC, the Kollel, and BIAV and actively participates in community events throughout the metro. Jaret is married to Cipporah and has four children: Maher, Miriam, Liam, and Saul.

David Horesh

Growing up in Israel and living in Alaska, David learned that relationships and personal investment are pivotal to build community. A devoted husband and Abba to five, David works to nurture our diverse and resilient Jewish community.

Lindsey Osman

Born and raised in Kansas City, you may recognize Lindsey from “The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning,” or perhaps you’ve witnessed her perform with the Westwood Ensemble. She’s a wife and mom of two, works in tech, and is a member of Beth Shalom.

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